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Status: Ongoing
Status: Ongoing
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Kinnikuman Lady

Status: Ongoing
Status: Ongoing
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Kinnikuman Nisei

Status: Ongoing
Status: Ongoing
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  • Perfect Half Chap 90

    Author folder ezulc 22:37 - 08/21/2019

    Still no update?

  • Boss in School Chap 71

    Author yan luo 20:40 - 08/21/2019

    mhm there is some stuff missing at the end ?

  • 15 Minutes Chap

    Author Hikki Hachiman 12:53 - 08/21/2019

    Good but have some problems narrating and arranging the plot so sometimes its confusing

  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Chap

    Author Justin Ott 11:26 - 08/21/2019

    So the description refers to the male love interest as sexist but that is incorrect

  • Seduction Chap

    Author Rabia Joe 11:15 - 08/21/2019

    I can't read this manga..why??

  • My Amazing Wechat Chap 131

    Author yan luo 05:31 - 08/21/2019

    so after 130 chapter this retard stil didnt bought a cultivation method ufff  emo

  • Supreme Demon Chap 99

    Author Dark Xemon 03:02 - 08/21/2019

    This is gender equality.

  • Springtime for Blossom Chap 14

    Author Duloc 23:11 - 08/20/2019

    @aine chi Right?? Damn evil girls trying to ruin everything!

  • Secret Friend Chap

    Author aine chi 22:20 - 08/20/2019

    Yeah I tried to read this and i think all chapter are broken. Please fix this webtoons ! Thank you...

  • Springtime for Blossom Chap 14

    Author aine chi 22:10 - 08/20/2019

    Poor her, i trust blossoms for not doing bad stuff, she's a good girl. She's just asking money from her father though ......

  • Secret Friend Chap 4

    Author Jix Asuncion 15:56 - 08/20/2019

    I cant read this?some page are not opening..bug?

  • Inside the Uniform Chap

    Author Nexcoyotl Tliltli 13:05 - 08/20/2019

    wait wait wait...... how is this in the top 3 went it BROKEN!!! emoemo

  • Tales of Demons and Gods Chap

    Author Nexcoyotl Tliltli 05:45 - 08/20/2019

    Someone commented you could got to Mangatoon and read this for free and that they where even farther ahead in chapters. Not true on the free aspect and unable to confirm on their progress. Their chapters are set up differently, this sites ch 173.5 ir Mangatoon's 264. After Chapter 264 you need to speed time/money to see more also their listing go to ch 391 but with the difference in chapters no idea where in the story that is.

  • Onepunch-Man Chap

    Author Shadow Ninja 05:03 - 08/20/2019

    I finally found a website that has One-Punch Man...emo

  • Solmi's Channel Chap

    Author aine chi 14:43 - 08/19/2019

    Can you please fix this manga ?! ThankYou

  • Tales of Demons and Gods Chap 236

    Author kaito 09:32 - 08/19/2019

    well fuck it...let the wait begins

  • I Am the Sorcerer King Chap

    Author S S 06:57 - 08/19/2019

    @Carlos leonelli this mantas novel came out before solo leveling manta so if anything solo leveling is copying this mantas but I mean the more amazing stories like solo leveling the better

  • They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter Chap 147

    Author Elizabeth Smith 23:57 - 08/18/2019

    AAAARGH just when it is getting betteremo

  • Meng Shi Zai Shang Chap 66

    Author Mikasa Levy 16:08 - 08/18/2019

    When will next chapter come? I can't wait

  • Solo Leveling Chap 84

    Author kaito 12:04 - 08/18/2019

    @Elizabeth Smith totally agree with you